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Commission Information

-Please read the terms and conditions before sending me an email-

Email me the following information

-Commission type: (add name and if it is headshot / bust / half / full)
-Paypal email
-GoogleDoc: Put all the following information in an editable GoogleDoc. I work from this document as the go to for information and references. You can also adjust information and add more images if I ask for something that is missing.
+Character Information: Write a small synopsis of your character including name, age, personality, and any defining features. Background information is a plus.
+References: Include any images or text information in the GoogleDoc. Text only/no images (of your subject matter) incur a $15-20 design fee. I can work from compiled images of features, but a fee will still apply.
+Pose: Any photos and/or description would be helpful.

Extra info:

Backgrounds are an extra fee. By default you may have a simple geometric/solid color background or transparency. Price of background will depend on complexity. Email me with any questions.

Additional characters of any category are +1/2 the base price(not including design fees). If both characters need to be designed, a design fee will be applied to both characters individually.

Commissions with no reference artwork of the specific character generally take more time as they go through more reiterations then normal orders. TD:LR If you are charged a design fee, it may take longer to complete.

If you wish to send me a budget, I can tell you what I will be willing to do for that price. Package deals are also negotiable if you want more then 1 commission type.

NSFW commissions add $10 to any base price. Also must provide some proof of age (18+).

Commission Type Description:

Each category is defined by the following:
Headshot: The character's head to the top of the shoulders.
Bust: To the bottom of the chest, ending before or on the stomach.
Half Body: To the waist line
Full Body: Character's entire body

Once all the details of the image are worked out (price, preferences, etc) I will send you a confirmation along with a PayPal invoice. Once I receive full payment will I start. Commissions will be started in the order that I receive full payment rather then the order I receive the request.

(Click on images for full example)

♦ Cleaned Sketch ♦
A cleaned up rough sketch. Simple single color fill optional.
|| Headshot: $25|| Bust: $40|| Half Body: $60 || Full Body: $70 ||

♦ Line work ♦
Detailed line work with no colors. A single accent color is free of charge (please specify) and a simple single color fill is optional.
|| Headshot: $40 || Bust: $55 || Half Body: $75 || Full Body: $85 ||

♦ Flat Colors ♦
Detailed lines and flat coloring.
|| Headshot: $55 || Bust: $70 || Half Body: $90 || Full Body: $100 ||

♦ Full Color ♦
Detailed lines with full shaded coloring. Coloring can be done in a cell shading or soft cell shading style
|| Headshot: $70 || Bust: $85 || Half Body: $105 || Full Body: $115 ||

♦ Character/Model Sheet ♦

|| Starting Price: $240 || Valued at ~$300 ||

This option is best for having a character designed for you into a comprehensive reference sheet that you can use to commission artworks, play in rpgs, etc. It will include:

♦ Full Color, full body image of character (Flats on request at no extra fee)
♦ 2 Full Colored Headshots showing different expressions
♦ 1 Half Body Full Color
♦ Details such as accessories, markings, colors, weapons, etc.
♦ Color palette for easy color picking
♦ Character description (name/class/race/age/occupation/etc)

♦ Note ♦
Design fees do not apply to this option

Outfit variations give an additional +$25 on each variation depending on detail if pictured ON the full body drawing. If it is only the Half Body drawing there is no extra fee. Fee does not apply if the change is deemed minor (i.e a hat or slightly different shirt print, etc)

♦Special Items♦
These are items I have had people request from me at various times and are physical objects I create in my studio. These prices do not include shipping. Domestic shipping is about $8 and international is about $15 so please keep that in mind when ordering

♦Resin Runestones♦
25 piece set standard runestones. Cast in epoxy resin and can be customized with any colors you wish. The outcome beyond the initial pour is out of my control as the resin moves as it sets.
|| $35 ||

♦Jumbo D20♦
One large hand polished D20 used in RPG Tabletop games. Cast in epoxy resin and can be customized with any colors you wish. The outcome beyond the initial pour is out of my control as the resin moves as it sets. Can theme to characters from art or descriptions.
|| $35 ||

♦Custom Keychain/Pin♦
This includes a Shaded Chibi drawing and all materials in making the item (i.e keychain parts, resin, etc). Includes matching stickers
|| $80 ||

♦Custom Stickers (Provided Art)♦
I can make stickers of provided artworks. For example, art of OC's you have commissioned already or have made yourself. I Do Not Do Official Artworks from IP's of Companies. Personal artworks or characters only
|| $5 per sheet of material ||

♦Custom Keychains/Pins(Provided Art)♦
I can make keychains/pins of provided artworks. For example, art of OC's you have commissioned already or have made yourself. I Do Not Do Official Artworks from IP's of Companies. Personal artworks or characters only
|| $15 per sheet of material ||

For more examples please email me!

Terms and Conditions

There are certain things I will not draw for any reason. Please ask if you are unsure.
I cannot do:
-things I am generally uncomfortable with (please ask specifically and I will let you know)
-discriminatory or hateful themes
-anti LGBT+ messages or themes
-anything political in nature
-If you are a minor (aka under the age of 18) I will NOT do anything considered NSFW (gore, blood, sex, etc.) I may ask for proof of age for legal purposes.

Cancellations requested by the client must happen before work is started for a full refund. If cancellation is requested after stages of the work is done (ie. sketch, lines, flats, shaded), you will be charged for the amount of work completed at time of cancellation and receive what is completed via email or Discord. Design fees are non-refundable.

I reserve the right to deny any clients for any reason. If I initiate the cancel of an order myself, a refund for the work uncompleted will be issued.

♦ Please be considerate and do not rush me to complete your commission first. I have a queue and will update you accordingly with WIPs. If you have a time limit, please specify in your request so planning can be done accordingly.
♦ I reserve the right to decline any request for any reason.
♦ WIPs are provided as I complete work.
♦ Commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If intended for commercial use, further discussions are required.
♦ Fanart commissions I will have the freedom to use for products such as prints and merch. The customer of the original commission does not have the rights to resell or distribute the artwork in anyway. (social media sharing OK)

Customs (Character Designs)
♦ Same rules as above apply.
♦ Customs take longer then regular commissions as they go through more changes.
♦ If you decide on changes, tell me SOONER rather then later for highest accuracy of your request. Coloring can always be changed, design and outlines are solidified as soon as the line work is done.
♦ Further adjustments on the character made by you are allowed. Please credit me for the original designs.

♦ Once purchased, the character is yours.
♦ Reselling is allowed as long as it isn't over the original purchasing price. Adding the price of other commissions for the character is OK however the prices must be correct and truthful. This does not include sketches or doodles.
♦ You are only allowed to trade or sell the adopt for the same price you received it for or less. If you received the adopt via a trade, you are only allowed to trade. (DM me if you really wish to sell them FIRST)
♦ Gifting is allowed. The receiver is not allowed to sell.
♦ Do not trace, steal, re-upload my adoptables.
♦ Auctions are done in open forum. Only bid if you are serious and do not hide bids from anyone.
♦ Changes to the adopt are allowed after purchase. Please credit me for the original design.
♦ Commercial use is NOT ALLOWED.
♦ Once payment is received, you will get a full resolution, non watermarked version of the adopt. All sales are final and non refundable.

In compliance with new privacy laws for GDPR, I hereby state that any information of my clients will NOT be shared with any other person or source. The information I keep stored is only used to keep in contact with, and in cases, mail product to the client. After the good/service is completed, I keep a copy of my invoices for personal transaction history and nothing else.

Commission Status

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Snow CrashNeal Stephenson19920-553-08853-X
SoftwareRudy Rucker19820-441-77408-3